Good translation is an art

It may be the case that many people would be able to use a dictionary to prepare an English approximation of a German text. However, to successfully transfer the individual style, linguistic subtleties, emotional edge and idiomatic phrases from one language to another without changing the meaning of the text is nothing short of a real art. Unfortunately, many commercial translation agencies seem to be lacking in this regard.

I am of German descent and have gained substantial experience of teaching both English and German. With an honours degree in German, a number of years working experience in Germany and many years of commercial and business exposure, I have the necessary skills and judgement to ensure that each translation is a perfectly accurate rendition of its source document.

I am also a creative writer and have had material published in the UK. I am therefore in the unique position of being able to use my English writing skills to create stylish and accurate translations of a wide variety of texts including commercial websites, business presentations and academic theses. As a freelance translator with low overheads, I am able to offer very competitive fees and a cast-iron guarantee of delivering precise, high-quality work within tight deadlines.