Language Training

Business English Training

I offer my clients a logical, structured approach to learning English which can however, be customised to suit individual needs, learning styles and business sectors. My objective is always to create a relaxed, informal learning environment where the emphasis is on  clarity, relevance and fun. My teaching methodology ensures that all students receive adequate practice in the four main aspects of English; speaking; listening; reading and writing.


In addition to teaching the use of correct grammatical structures, vocabulary, pronunciation, socialising and 'small talk', I can also provide help and support in the following specialist business skills:


  • Presentations

  • Negotiations

  • Meetings

  • Emails & Letters

  • Telephoning skills

I offer both one-to-one training for private individuals and in-company training for groups of up to six participants. At the start of each course I conduct a full needs analysis to ensure that the course fully meets the requirements of the individual participants. Where appropriate, I can also provide an initial language test in order to establish the precise level of each student. This is particularly valuable as the results can subsequently be compared with those of later tests to give a clear indication of progress achieved throughout the course.


I use a wide variety of teaching materials including grammar books, business course books, my own material, podcasts and CDs and a wide variety of up-to-date articles and news reports covering both general interest topics and business themes.